BBQ sauces packaging
Brief: Find the product that would relate to the theme –Camping. Create a package for the chosen product.
Among many ideas I had the packaging design I stopped on a BBQ sauces. Different people like different tastes, so it would be nice to have smaller packages of sauces that would allow to bring different tastes with you on a camping instead of one big bottle of a BBQ sauce. I also created one-time sauce packages. The idea is to use the same technology as used for juices or milk boxes, where the outside part looks like paper but inside is a special cover that protects the content. 
The keywords for design: Raw, American, Vintage. American and vintage feeling I tried to achieve by using specific fonts and applying effects to them. Raw feeling I tried to achieve by using rough texture of a paper. I didn't use pictures, it was important to make 'BBQ sauces' big and easy to catch an eye. The use of the rough papers and cardboard gives the necessary associations with the camping.

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