BRYGG magazine cover and editorial design
Recently beer has become very popular both in Norway and other parts of the world. I do not mean the usual lager, but a new tradition of craft beer and beer tasting. Beer has an ancient history, but many of the small traditional breweries disappeared and were replaced by large industrial manufacturers who are more concerned with quantity than quality. Though the popularity of the craft beer grows, it is challenging in Norway to find more information on the topic.
Brygg is the first Norwegian magazine writing about craft beer and everything related to it. The aim is to introduce people to the tradition of making and tasting beer. Brygg is a magazine that is interesting to read and pleasant to look at. Brygg provides in-depth information on an interesting topic and creates the right atmosphere for the reader. The visual communication with the target group is achieved by the chosen paper type and the overall look and feel, and creates the desire to collect not just to read and throw away.
The cover is designed to attract attention and also serves an interactive purpose. From the first moment it engages you in a conversation by asking about your favorite among the featured beers and gives you the option to choose it for the cover.
In Norwegian the word "brygg" means "brew".

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